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A Short Commentary on Weekly Options

My general premise – often repeated – is that it is less risky to trade options with longer, rather than shorter lifetimes. True, shorter-term options come with more rapid time decay, and that is very appealing when using strategies in which we earn our money from that time decay. However, shorter-term options are, or may soon become, loaded with negative gamma.
With that increased negative gamma comes an increased chance of losing a lot of money in a hurry. The intelligent and conservative trader does not sell naked options, but even call or put credit spreads can appreciate in value very quickly when the options we sold become ATM or ITM.

Call credit spread: A position in which the trader buys one call and sells another. The option sold has the higher delta and the higher option price (premium). Both options expire at the same time and are on the same underlying asset.

Put credit spread: A position in which the trader buys one put and sells another. The option sold has the higher delta and the higher option price.

Longer-term options have less gamma, and undergo a more moderate delta change as the underlying stock moves. Thus, when the stock rises or falls, credit spread traders have more time to react (exit or make a risk-reducing adjustment). Profits are earned much more slowly because time decay is far slower for longer-term options.

If Weeklys appeal to you, I recommend trading small position size. These puppies come with higher-than-usual risk, regardless of whether you buy or sell them. It is the increased rate of loss that makes the short-term position so dangerous to hold.

Of course, we don’t have to sell Weeklys or any other option. We can opt to purchase them. The risk here is that the options will decay too rapidly, and if the anticipated move in the stock price does not occur quickly, there is little time for recovery. Buying these Weeklys is truly a hit or miss proposition.

Mark D. Wolfinger

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