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Options Playbook Webinar Series - Year in Review

Brian Overby recaps his free on-demand options playbook webinar series

As the New Year kicks off I thought I'd do a recap of The Options Playbook webinar series. The first on-demand video for this series was posted in October of 2009, the hour long web casts covered virtually all the key concepts a newer options trader should understand thoroughly. I cover one concept per webinar, run through some real-world examples where possible, then field questions from live attendees. These are all based on the popular print version of the Options Playbook, in its expanded 2nd edition. The Q&A part of these is often the best - you guys really know how to probe all the particulars, folks! It gives a fresh angle on these topics you won't find anywhere else.

If you haven't already attended these (or have missed a few), here's a chronological list of the series to date. These are free videos, so remember to share the links with friends and family.


1) What is an Option?
2) Where Do Options Prices Come From?
3) When and Which Option to Buy 1
4) Options Traders' Top 10 Mistakes
5) Which Option to Buy 2
6) Meet the Greeks
7) What is Volatility?
8) Options Strategies for Rookies 1
9) Options Strategies for Rookies 2
10) Cashing Out Options 1
11) Cashing Out Options 2
12) The Fig Leaf Strategy
13) Long Puts Spreads: Setups and Uses 1
14) Long Puts Spreads: Setups and Uses 2
15) Short Call Spreads: Setups, Risks and Uses
16) Short Put Spreads: Setup, Risks, and Uses
17) Long Straddles and Strangles: Setup, Risks, and Uses
18) Long Calendar Spreads: Setup, Risks, and Uses
19) Diagonal Spreads: Setup, Risks, and Uses

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Brian Overby
TradeKing's Options Guy

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