Who Tops the List of 10 Most Valuable Brands?
Tech dominates this year’s list of the most valuable brands, but don’t forget about American classics like Coca-Cola.


Here are the 10 most valuable brands, according to Forbes. Honorable mentions go to BMW, Cisco, Intel and Walt Disney.

Louis Vuitton

10. Louis Vuitton

Brand value: $29.9 billion

Louis Vuitton is the only luxury brand to crack the top 10. The company, owned by LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, offers a portfolio of high-end leather goods and jewelry.


Toyota Camry

9. Toyota

Brand value: $31.3 billion

The Japanese automaker is looking to keep the global sales crown in 2014. Over the first nine months of the year, Toyota continued to outpace its largest rivals, General Motors and Volkswagen. The Toyota brand is worth 22% more versus last year.


Samsung Headquarters

8. Samsung

Brand value: $35 billion

Samsung sells more smartphones around the world than any of its competitors. But the company’s bottom line has struggled of late amid weaker mobile sales. Its third-quarter operating profit was cut in half year-over-year.


General Electric Building

7. General Electric

Brand value: $37.1 billion

GE is undergoing a significant transformation. The conglomerate is shifting its focus away from consumer products, and it recently agreed to sell its appliance business to Electrolux for $3.3 billion. GE’s industrial segment, which includes jet engines and energy infrastructure, has lifted earnings in recent quarters.



6. McDonald’s

Brand value: $39.9 billion

McDonald’s is in a battle with growing competition from “fast casual” chains like Chipotle. But it remains the largest fast-food brand in the world. McDonald’s has 35,000 restaurants in 100 different countries.



5. IBM

Brand value: $47.9 billion

IBM files more patents each year than anyone else. Cloud computing is at the center of IBM’s attention now as it moves away from hardware. IBM’s brand value is down 5% compared to Forbes’ estimate last year.


Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola bottles, Coke

4. Coca-Cola

Brand value: $56.1 billion

Like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola is facing headwinds from changing consumer habits. The company recently reported flat soda sales in the third quarter. Coca-Cola, which owns a 16% stake in Keurig Green Mountain, is working with the coffee-machine maker to develop a home appliance that mixes cold beverages. The new soda machine is scheduled to debut in fiscal 2015.


Google, Google logo

3. Google

Brand value: $56.6 billion

Google’s brand value has jumped 19% since last year, when its revenue checked in at $55.5 billion. According to ComScore, Android has a market share of 51.5% in the U.S. Apple’s iOS is in second place with 42.4%.


Microsoft Surface Tablets Displayed

2. Microsoft

Brand value: $63 billion

After three years of no growth, Microsoft’s brand value increased 11% as Redmond begins to gain traction in mobile devices and cloud-based software. Microsoft launched a big effort to boost sales of its Surface tablet when it signed a five-year, $400 million sponsorship deal with the National Football League.


iPhone 5S customer, Apple Store, Apple

1. Apple

Brand value: $124.2 billion

Apple took first place in Forbes’ brand rankings for the second consecutive year. The consumer tech giant has a market value of $639 billion, making Apple the most valuable publicly traded company ahead of Exxon Mobil and Microsoft. On the heels of launching the iPhone 6, Apple reported iPhone sales of 39.3 million devices in its fiscal fourth quarter.


Who Tops the List of 10 Most Valuable Brands?

Tech dominates this year’s list of the most valuable brands, but don’t forget about American classics like Coca-Cola.

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