Hottest Workout Gadgets for 2012
There’s no doubt many of us will be pledging to trim down in the new year. Here’s a peak at the latest technologies to help us get to our desired figures.

Fitness Treadmill

Technology and fitness lovers will have a lot of new gadgets to choose from in 2012. Whether you are looking to trim some excess fat, or keep your current figure, there’s a gadget out there to help.

Philips Activity Monitor, PF Slideshow

Philips DirectLife Activity Monitor

This tiny device from Philips called the Activity Monitor tracks all your movements and accelerations to calculate how much energy you use throughout the day. The monitor, which is waterproof and can be worn around your neck or slipped into your pocket, also tracks your activity level compared to your goals and lets you know your progress. The device, which also comes with a year’s access to your own personal coach, costs $149.00

Photo Source: www.directlife.philips.com/

Withings Wifi Scale

Wi-Fi Body Scale

Shame can be a powerful motivator--especially when it’s being broadcast all over the web. The Withings Wi-Fi scale connects wirelessly to the Internet and  measures your lean and fat mass and sends the information to a web page or iPhone app. You can track your progress (or lack thereof) and share it with friends on your blog, Facebook or Twitter. You can even set goals and receive an email each week with your progress updates. The Wi-Fi Body Scale weighs in at $159.00.

Photo Source: http://www.withings.com/

Fitocracy, PF Slideshow


There are social networks for just about everything—even fitness. Check out fitocracy.com—the site turns your fitness goals into a game by winning points based on how many workouts you complete. You can also track your exercise progress and compete against your friends. Simply enter your fitness activities on the “Track” page and earn points. Eventually, you will accumulate enough points to move to the next level. You can even add tags to your profile to display your interests. Click on a tag and you’ll see who else on Fitocracy shares the same interests. Here’s the best part: it’s free!

Photo Source: fitocracy.com

Contigo Water Bottle, PF Slideshow

Kangaroo Water Bowel

Whether you are jogging around town or hitting the gym, it seems you are always trying to figure out where to store your water, keys and wallet. The Kangaroo Water Bottle combines storage and hydration into one water bottle.  Brought to you by Contigo, the water bottle has a built-in compartment that stores keys, ID, money and even a subway card. The bottle is spill and leak proof so you don’t have to worry about your money getting wet. The 24-ounce water bottle comes in blue, fuchsia, charcoal and purple and costs $12.99. Shoppers can get it on sale at http://www.gocontigo.com/autoseal-kangaroo-water-bottle.html for $9.74. Here’s an  added perk: It ships within one business day.

Photo Source: gocontigo.com

Adidas miCoach., PF Slideshow

Adidas miCoach Video Game

Coming in the early part of 2012, Adidas has teamed up with THQ to bring its miCoach interactive athletic training systems to video game consoles. The game will feature well-known athletes who will guide users through personalized training programs.  If you slip on the miCoach heart rate monitor, you’ll get real-time feedback on performance during the workouts. Users will be able to create profiles, set goals and get analysis of workouts from a variety of sports including running, tennis, soccer, football and basketball. The game will be available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation Move.

Photo Source: http://www.adidas.com/us/micoach/

Hottest Workout Gadgets for 2012

There’s no doubt many of us will be pledging to trim down in the new year. Here’s a peak at the latest technologies to help us get to our desired figures.

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