Hate Counting Calories? These Apps Do it for You
Counting calories is never fun, but it’s a vital part of losing weight and staying healthy, which can lead to less doctor visits and smaller medical bills.

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You are what you eat, which is why how many calories you consume is key to loosing and gaining weight. Sure you can figure out your calorie intake manually but why not get a little help from smartphone apps? Here’s a look at five apps that will count calories and hopefully aid in reaching your weight loss goals.


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Boasting one of the largest food databases for counting calories, MyFitnessPal is a mobile app that works with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The app claims to have the calorie count for more than 1 million foods including fast food options. Users can track nutrients, calories, fat, protein, carbs, sugar, fiber and cholesterol. Users can even enter their own recipes and the app will calculate the nutritional content.

The app also includes a free barcode scanner and can be synced with the web so users can log on from either a mobile device or computer. MyFitnessPal, which is free, claims to have helped users lose more than 20 million pounds combined.

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Lose It!

This weight-loss app claims 96% of users who use it for four weeks lose weight. Lose It! lets dieters track calories and provides nutritional values on foods consumed. Users of the app set their daily calorie budget and the app calculates how much they take in from eating throughout the day and how much they burn off through exercise. At the end of the day, it shows users how successful (or not) they were at staying at their desire calorie level.

With the app, users can search for food, add recipes and create food lists. Progress or lack of it can be shared with friends, facilitating extra support and motivation.  For those not sure of the proper amount of calories to consume to lose weight have no need to worry: the app can do it based on current weight and height and goal weight. It even gives dieters a date for when they should reach their goal.

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LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker

This companion tool to The Daily Plate service determines a user's daily calorie target based on weight and goal weight. LIVESTRONG.Com Calorie Tracker app lets users search a database of more than 625,000 foods to get all the nutritional information necessary to make smart meal choices. Users can create lists of the food they regularly eat or search the entire database, which includes restaurants and fast food items. The app also provides the number of calories burned for 2,000 exercises and activities. While the calorie tracker app is free, it works in conjunction with The Daily Plate, which costs $2.99.

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FoodScanner  & MealSnap

FoodScanner will cost you $4.99, but will likely appeal to those that don’t want all the fuss of tracking calories. With FoodScanner your iPhone or iPad camera becomes a bar code scanner, scanning in the nutrition labels of the food you eat. FoodScanner also tracks calories consumed each day and gives you access to a database of 200,000 foods.  MealSnap App another App brought to you buy DailyBurn, lets you take pictures of the meal you eat and it will tell you what was on your plate and how many calories are in it. MealSnap costs 99 cents.

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Tap & Track

Chosen by Apple as one of the top iPhone apps in App Store Essencials-Get in Shape, the Tap & Track app claims to have one of the biggest offline food databases containing the nutritional values of over 500,000 foods. That means you can even track how many calories you are consuming when there’s no Internet connection like on an airplane. The app also includes the ability to search more than 2,000 food brands and more than 700 restaurants.  The app has the ability to search 180 different exercises and find out how many calories you can expend by doing them.  According to nanobitsoftware.com, which makes the app, the database has been verified by nutrition experts. The app costs $3.99.


Hate Counting Calories? These Apps Do it for You

Counting calories is never fun, but it’s a vital part of losing weight and staying healthy, which can lead to less doctor visits and smaller medical bills.

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