Top 10 Dangerous Jobs
Think you have a stressful job? Check out these jobs that might change your mind.

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Here are the top 10 most dangerous jobs in 2010, according to CareerCast.


Forensic Entomologist

Do bugs, blood, and dead bodies scare you? Then investigating a crime scene as a forensic entomologist may not be the best career path for you.

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The 33 Chilean miners captured hearts around the world as they climbed out of the mine, but mining can be a very dangerous job. Miners also have to overcome the dark and claustrophobic feeling from working so far underground.

Broadcast Tower Technician

For those afraid of heights, this is not the job for you. Broadcast towers tend to be sky high and when they need maintenance, these technicians head straight to the top.

Bomb Squad Technician

Robots are increasingly used for the disposal of potential bombs, but people are still often needed to do the job, despite the extreme risks.

Field Epidemiologist

When the person next to you sneezes you usually back away—not the case for field epidemiologists. These workers head directly into "hot zones" and prevent outbreaks from turning into full-on pandemics.

CTS Decon Technician

Crime scene investigations are all the rage on TV shows, but after the investigators are done, these technicians have the dirty work of decontaminating the area, which often involves human remains and dangerous chemicals.

Pharmaceutical Trial Subject

While subject may be helping get a drug approved that could save lives, in the process they put their own health at risk from potential side effects.

Bush Pilot

Bush pilots operate small aircrafts in remote areas of the world, which can be very dangerous. According to CareerCast, some studies put the chances of an Alaskan Bush Pilot dying in a crash at one in eight during a 30-year career.

Cryonics Technician

The number of cryonics technicians is dwindling, but that doesn’t make the jobs any less scary. These workers preserve people who are legally dead at very low temperatures in hopes of being revived when medical advancements are able to restore life. The worst part? It’s usually just the head that is stored.



Life as a comedian isn’t all fun and games. Standing and speaking in front of a crowd can be frightening for many.


Top 10 Dangerous Jobs

Think you have a stressful job? Check out these jobs that might change your mind.

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