10 Best Fields for 2010 Graduates
As graduation season kicks into high gear we take a look at the best fields for graduates

Best Fields for 2010 Graduates

The economic downturn has left job seekers reeling, but fear not: Some sectors have maintained high employment rates and are actually hiring.
With a constantly changing market, students should do their research when choosing a career path.
Here’s the top 10 fields for 2010 graduates, according to career experts and economists.


The demand for engineers stays steady as the industry sees a high increase in employment and salaries. Through the application of science, technology and mathematics, individuals are able to utilize their skills and specialize in one of the many engineering fields --- mechanical, chemical, electrical and computer engineering.

Retail and Management

The industry took a major hit during the recession when consumers slashed discretionary spending, but it was able to maintain a high level of employment. A position in either field opens the door to several positions in private businesses, retail establishments or corporate businesses.


Entering the job market with a degree in accounting could increase your chances of finding a job, the experts said. Whether your future job is in managerial accounting, auditing, taxation or bookkeeping, the need for accountants has stayed steady despite the economy.


According to the NACE’s Job Outlooks 2010 report, finance rings in as a top degree in demand. While many blame Wall Street for the economic crisis, the job prospects for graduates are not in conventional financial positions. Finance degrees offer flexibility in the job market with positions in financial planning, analyst positions, insurance, and other jobs of Wall Street.

Computer Science

According to CareerCast.com’s annual list of the best and worst jobs for 2010, computer science is a good bet for graduates. As our world becomes more wired, the demand for computer systems analysts, programmers, technicians and Web developers increases.

Health Care

With great changes in the health-care system, job opportunities are popping up. With many predicting the sector to expand under the new health-care law, there will be a constant need for medical help and research.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, education positions had the highest number of openings from 2008 to 2018. Elementary, secondary and middle school teachers are among the top 10 for open positions on the Occupational Statistics and Employment Projections List.


The Department of Labor recognizes manufacturing as a growing industry, placing it on our list of top fields to break into this year. In the past, manufacturing positions haven’t had the best reputation, but with the high increase in small businesses, innovative ideas and training positions, manufacturing is a field to look into.

Government Agencies

CareerCast.com places paralegals and biologist in the top 20 jobs for 2010 citing the degrees’ flexibility to be used in various fields. Whether you become an environmental biologist, mathematician, CIA agent or social worker, this growing field is a great place to kick-start your career.

Green Jobs

With a growing ‘green’ movement and a push for renewable energy, this sector as plenty of positions for job seekers. Mark Presnell, director of career services as Johns Hopkins University, said he has seen continued growth in students who are interested in sustainability and the environment. Urban developers, researchers and manufacturers are a few of the many positions available to graduates.

10 Best Fields for 2010 Graduates

As graduation season kicks into high gear we take a look at the best fields for graduates

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