Google, Silicon Valley not welcoming to Republicans: Survey

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Conservatives in Silicon Valley feel alienated, according to a new study.

The survey, conducted by Lincoln Network, found conservatives generally feel targeted and are becoming increasingly more uncomfortable at work.

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“This is the first data, that we know of, that exists on this issue,” said Lincoln Network co-founder Garrett Johnson to FOX Business’s Dagen McDowell on “Mornings with Maria.”  “And there’s assumptions that things are bad for people who are on the right-of-center spectrum -- conservatives, libertarians. But this data suggested that this is indeed the case and it’s probably worse than anybody thought.”

Johnson said in addition to compiling raw data from about 400 people, the pilot survey also collected comments.

“We had 23 longer-form conversations,” he said. “One person said he was targeted by his manager because he was a delegate to the Republican Convention. The manager tried to get him fired, he recorded some conversations … behind the manager’s back and was able to take that to [vice presidents] within the company and save his job, but the manager was not fired.”

Johnson added, some Republicans even avoided going to work the day after the election.

“They knew the anti-Trump sentiment would be so strong and obnoxious that they just didn’t want to tolerate this,” he said.

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The study comes weeks after a fired Google software engineer sued the tech giant for discrimination after penning a controversial internal memo claiming the company created a “politically correct monoculture.”

“There is this notion within Silicon Valley, Salesforce [and] Google that you should bring your whole self to work—well that’s not really the case if you think a certain way,” Johnson said.

While the survey only focused on Silicon Valley, Lincoln Network plans to collect additional data from “other tech hubs,” Johnson said.

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