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Global Economy Week Ahead: U.K. GDP, Eurozone PMI, Bank of Japan Meeting

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The week ahead will feature U.K. data on gross domestic product as well as eurozone figures on private-sector economic activity. In the U.S., many data releases may be postponed while the federal government remains shut down.

Senate Fails to End Government Shutdown, Plans Vote on Three-Week Spending Bill

The Senate was expected to hold a procedural vote at noon EST Monday on a measure that would keep the government funded through Feb. 8, but it wasn't clear if it would have enough support to advance.

Stocks Muted After U.S. Government Shutdown

Global stock markets were muted as a U.S. federal government shutdown was poised to stretch into a third day.

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Germany's Social Democrats Back Entering Coalition Talks With Merkel

Angela Merkel's efforts to form her fourth coalition government cleared a crucial hurdle after the center-left Social Democrats voted in favor of entering formal coalition talks with the German leader's conservative bloc.

Euro, Yen Tell Two Different Tales of Negative Rates

Japan and the eurozone share negative interest rates and stronger economic growth, but their currencies are heading in different directions.

Saudis Push for OPEC Oil Efforts Into 2019

Saudi Arabia's energy minister said Sunday that OPEC and other big-oil producing allies like Russia should find ways to cooperate beyond their petroleum-production limits this year.

Shutdown's Economic Hit Seen to Be Muted

The federal government shutdown could sideline significant numbers of federal employees and leave government contractors out in the cold, but in a $19.5 trillion economy with 147 million workers, a shutdown, even a long one, isn't expected to leave much imprint on the broader economy.

What the Shutdown Says About Politics in 2018

The federal government shutdown shows how the U.S. political process is being driven not by people in the broad center but by those in the more narrow and partisan ideological bases of the two parties, Gerald F. Seib writes.

Foreign Companies Grapple With U.S. Tax Overhaul

Foreign companies are calculating whether the cost increases they will bear under the new U.S. tax law will outweigh the benefits of a lower corporate rate.

Frackers Could Make Real Money in 2018, If They Don't Blow It

Shale producers say drilling plans for 2018 remain modest despite recently surging crude prices-a break with the industry's cycle of aggressive drilling when prices are high, creating an oversupply that pushes prices back down.

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January 22, 2018 05:15 ET (10:15 GMT)