This is how Trump will be remembered in the history books for 2017

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2017: The Year of Trump?

How President Donald Trump will be remember in the 2017 Almanac

2017 has been quite a year—full of ups and downs—that will likely fascinate historians for decades to come.

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And, while natural disasters, sexual misconduct in the workplace and a royal engagement dominated headlines, not one event—or person—has overshadowed this year’s World Almanac quite like President Donald Trump has.

“I think that comes to the surprise of almost no one who has watched even five minutes of news this past year,” Sarah Janssen, senior editor of The World Almanac, tells FOX Business.

Janssen says while any new presidency will likely be a big news story in history books, Trump towered above because of his “unconventional” ways.

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“This is the first time we have seen a president that really sees social media and made it his own and made headlines with it,” Janssen adds. “We have never had a president that has tweeted quite so much and certainly tweets from past presidents like President Obama for example, would be written by the communications office, sort of pointing people to press releases.”

According the 2018 edition of The World Almanac, which was released earlier this month, Trump’s first actions in office were very historic on every front.

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“We have a new Supreme Court justice, we have new immigration policies with some changes with DACA, and the idea that we are going to pull out of the Paris Climate agreement. These are very big developments for the first year of a presidency,” she adds.

Also, Janssen says editors paid a lot of attention to North Korea and the nuclear crisis this year, especially the “challenges” going back and forth between Trump and Kim Jong Un.

However, one of the biggest stories of the year, which will likely continue throughout 2018, is the current Russia Investigation.

As for the 2018, Janssen says all eyes will be on the Winter Olympics, the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the island and what Congress gets does before the mid-term elections next year.