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Wisconsin Sen. Johnson said he opposes the Republican Senate tax plan, becoming a GOP voice of dissent that, if it gains momentum, could force significant changes.

Zimbabwe's Mugabe, who has ruled the country for almost four decades, was confined to a palace as the military seized control of state institutions.

GOP lawmakers looking to repeal the ACA insurance mandate said they were now more open to a plan to bolster insurance markets.

Moore's lawyer tried to discredit one of the women who has accused the Alabama Senate nominee of sexual misconduct.

Tillerson pressed Myanmar's leaders to allow an independent probe into a crackdown against Rohingya Muslims.

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China's move to dispatch a special envoy to North Korea offers Beijing a chance to manage frayed ties with its troublesome neighbor.

The Army acknowledged it failed to submit military conviction records to federal databases in as many as one-fifth of all cases.

A da Vinci portrait of Jesus Christ sold at auction at Christie's for a record-shattering $450.3 million.

Russia has launched cyberattacks against British media, telecom and energy sectors, a U.K. official said.

Lebanon's Hariri accepted an invitation from Macron to go to France.

The NFL accused Cowboys owner Jones of trying to sabotage its contract talks with Commissioner Goodell.

Three UCLA basketball players admitted to shoplifting while in China and were suspended from the team.

Charles Koch's foundation gave away $77 million last year, primarily to colleges and universities.

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November 16, 2017 02:47 ET (07:47 GMT)