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Apple Results, Jobs Report to Steer Markets

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Technology stocks were mostly higher after Apple reported better-than-expected results, although wider equity indexes were little changed ahead of the U.S. jobs report.

Brent Crude Holds Above $60 Amid Geopolitical Uncertainty

Oil prices advanced, as Brent crude marked a week of trading above the symbolic $60-a-barrel level, boosted by geopolitical uncertainties.

Oil Prices Hit Two-Year High, Fueled by Global Growth

The global economy has seen rapid growth in oil-consuming sectors such as trade and industrial activity, absorbing the surplus fuel supplies that have weighed on the market.

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How to Dissect a Chinese Bond-Market Selloff

While yields on Chinese government bonds have recently risen sharply, those on corporate bonds haven't. Working out why can tell investors a lot about how Chinese markets now work.

Treasury Blocks Chinese Bank From U.S. Financial System Over North Korea Ties

The Trump administration officially cut off a small Chinese bank from the U.S. financial system on Thursday, accusing it of helping North Korea develop its illegal ballistic missile program.

Private-Equity Firms Oppose Tax Bill-but Things Could Be Worse

House Republicans' tax proposal faces stiff opposition from private-equity firms that say it threatens to disrupt their business model, which often relies on ladling debt onto acquisition targets.

Trump Says Jerome Powell Is His Choice to Lead Federal Reserve

President Donald Trump said he would nominate Federal Reserve governor Jerome Powell to be the next chairman of the central bank, saying he has the "wisdom and leadership" to guide the economy through any turbulence that arises.

Inside Trump's Search for a Fed Leader

As he cast about for someone to lead the world's most powerful central bank, President Donald Trump kept everyone guessing.

Who Is the Next Michael Milken? A Review of the New Play 'Junk'

The irony of the new play "Junk" is that larger-than-life Wall Street characters from the 1980s now feel so puny next to the events and exigencies of our own era.

Republicans Stick With Big Corporate Tax Cuts in House Bill

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would permanently chop the corporate tax rate from 35% to 20%, compress the number of individual income tax brackets, and repeal the taxes paid by large estates starting in 2024, according to a detailed summary of the plan reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. The plan would seek the biggest transformation of the U.S. tax code in more than 30 years.

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November 03, 2017 07:15 ET (11:15 GMT)