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Stocks in Standby Mode as China Congress Begins

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Equity markets in Europe mostly inched higher although market moves were muted as investors parsed a meeting of China's political elite.

Oil Prices Buoyed by Middle East Tensions

Oil prices traded higher, supported by ongoing political tensions in the Middle East.

Algeria Adds Voice to Calls for OPEC to Continue Oil Cuts

Algeria wants OPEC to continue with production cuts, the country's state oil-company chief said, adding to expectations the cartel will keep withholding supplies from the market.

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Draghi: No Evidence Loose Monetary Policy Prevents Reforms

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi took a jab at critics, saying that the ECB's monetary policy doesn't prevent countries from making necessary changes to their economies.

China's Xi to World: Party First, Reform Second

The Chinese leader laid out a vision for a nation well on its way toward achieving "moderate prosperity"-one that is guided by the steady hand of the state.

Market's Unlucky-Sevens Streak Is in Danger

For the past 13 times that a year has ended in seven, going back to 1887, the Dow Jones Industrial Average or its predecessor has suffered a sharp downturn between August and November. Now this streak looks to be in jeopardy.

Hedge Funds Wrong-Footed by Prospect of Interest-Rate Rises

The prospect of interest rate increases in the U.S. and U.K. is playing havoc with the trades of several large hedge funds and many are finding that this slump has dented their 2017 performance.

U.S. Treasury Declines to Label China a Currency Manipulator

The U.S. Treasury again declined to label China a currency manipulator, though it continued to criticize China for its large trade surplus and restrictions on foreign investors.

The Yen and Japanese Stocks Are Breaking Up

One of the most commonly accepted relationships in markets-between Japanese stocks and the dollar-yen exchange rate-is showing signs of strain.

Trump Narrows Fed Leader Search to Five Candidates

President Donald Trump said he soon will choose a Federal Reserve chairman, having narrowed his search to five finalists.

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October 18, 2017 07:15 ET (11:15 GMT)