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By the summer of 2007, the Federal Reserve was struggling to contain the fallout from the mortgage meltdown, but many investors were still betting a crisis would be averted. The S&P 500 closed at a record on Oct. 9, 2007. It would be its last until March 2013. Features Dow Jones Newswires

Lautenschläger Says ECB Should Start Cutting Bond Purchases Next Year

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The European Central Bank should start cutting its bond purchases at the beginning of next year, a member of the central bank's Executive Board said.

ECB: Banks' Capital Buffers Are Big Enough to Cope With Higher Rates

Eurozone banks won't be required to raise fresh capital to guard against a sudden increase in interest rates, according to the European Central Bank.

Ten Years Ago, the S&P 500 Hit Its Pre-Crisis Peak

Germany's Eurex Makes Profit-Share Move

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German clearinghouse Eurex Monday said it is setting up a profit-sharing system with some of the world's biggest investment banks, in an unusual attempt to claw business away from the City of London ahead of Brexit.

Why Deutsche Bank Should Keep John Cryan

Deutsche Bank still has a long journey to good returns and it won't get there quicker by changing its chief executive.

GE Gives Activist Trian a Seat on the Board

Bowing to mounting pressure, General Electric is giving activist investor Trian Fund Management a seat on its board as the struggling industrial company looks for ways to revamp its operations and reverse its slumping stock price.

Why Richard Thaler Matters to Investors

Richard Thaler, the Nobel Prize winner, used psychological insights to explain why markets aren't always efficient.

The False Prophet of 'Long-Term Investing'

Academics, central bankers and big money managers worry that companies aren't investing enough, and that it is at least in part because of a dysfunctional finance system.

Battered Dollar Roars Back, Catching Investors by Surprise

Investors are buying the U.S. dollar again, betting that an increasingly aggressive Federal Reserve and tumult in European politics will help lift the currency as it rebounds following its longest slide in a decade.

Why Investors Should Care About Trump Tax Cuts' Fairness

Whether the rich would be the biggest beneficiaries of tax-reform efforts is a matter of fierce political debate. But they would likely be among its first beneficiaries, and for investors that alone would matter.

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