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Republicans debated scaling back a proposal in their new tax plan to repeal individual deductions for state and local taxes.

Mnuchin said the tax overhaul would generate more than enough economic growth to offset the cost.

The government sought to accelerate efforts to send aid to Puerto Rico after criticism that the federal response has been sluggish.

Twitter revealed information about Russian use of its platform during the election, but lawmakers criticized the firm's limited disclosure.

The Supreme Court said it would consider whether public employees can be required to pay union dues.

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Islamic State said it released the first speech in nearly a year from its leader, with remarks defying speculation that he was dead.

HHS Secretary Price said he would stop traveling on private jets and reimburse the federal government more than $50,000.

North Korea accused Trump of using the death of a U.S. student detained in Pyongyang in a political campaign against the country.

China told North Korea-linked firms to close to comply with U.N. sanctions.

Japan's Abe faced a threat to his solid hold on power after the leading opposition force agreed to line up behind a new party.

A bid by Uganda's leader to extend his rule has triggered unrest there.

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September 29, 2017 02:47 ET (06:47 GMT)