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Tech Selloff, North Korea Threats Keep a Lid on Stocks

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Global stock markets were mixed, following a selloff in technology shares on Wall Street and fresh threats from North Korea.

Oil Prices Dip, but Bullish Sentiment Persists

Oil prices gave up some of Monday's record gains, as investors cashed in on an increasingly bullish market.

Europe's Banks Finally Start Thinking About Mergers

After being whipped by scandals and losses, Europe's banks retreated to their domestic markets to patch up their balance sheets. Now some are starting to look outward again.

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Why Emerging Markets Aren't Too Hot to Handle

The Fed's apparent desire to push on with tightening policy may give emerging markets a pause. But if global growth continues, then a pause is all it should be.

WSJ's Daily Shot: Oil Prices Spike Amid Kurdistan Tensions

India, Indonesia Bonds: The Latest Emerging-Market Darlings

Investors are rushing into the bond markets of India and Indonesia, drawn by rich yields and the rosy growth prospects of countries that a few years ago were considered among the most vulnerable emerging markets.

Oil's Move Higher Now Rests Squarely on U.S. Shoulders

Oil is back in a bull market, but China is slowing down. Oftentimes, those two things aren't compatible.

Brazil Lets In Big Oil Firms After Keeping Them Out for a Decade

With this week's crude auction, Brazil will begin reversing what industry officials say was a disastrous decision in 2007-but it won't generate what it could have made then.

China Delays Implemention of Food-Import Rule

China postponed for two years a regulation requiring certificates guaranteeing the quality and safety of all food imports, after pushback from the U.S. and European countries.

Fed's Kashkari Again Says Raising Rates A Mistake Given Weak Inflation

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis President Neel Kashkari reiterated Monday that he believes raising rates right now is a bad idea.

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September 26, 2017 09:15 ET (13:15 GMT)