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As Fed Sets to Unwind, How Far Should It Go?

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The Federal Reserve is set to announce it will start passively shrinking its massive portfolio of bondholdings. But the central bank has left one piece of its plan undecided: the target size of the portfolio.

Markets Brace for Fed's Balance Sheet Decision

Investors have their sights on the Federal Reserve this week, which is poised to lay out a plan to start trimming its $4.5 trillion balance sheet.

Mattis Hints at Military Options for North Korea

The U.S. has military options available for North Korea that won't put South Korea at grave risk of counterattack, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Monday, but he refused to spell out what those are.

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Trump's Trade Czar Calls China a Major Threat to Trade

President Donald Trump's trade chief said China represents an "unprecedented" threat to the world trading system, saying its state-driven economy poses a "substantially more difficult" challenge than in the past.

U.S. Officials Promise Revamped Derivatives Rules

Postcrisis derivatives rules should be revised to reflect how markets are functioning nearly a decade after the financial meltdown, senior Trump administration and regulatory officials told an industry gathering.

Bitcoin's Wild Ride Shows The Truth

Behind every bubble is a good idea bursting to get out, and Bitcoin kind of looks like a good idea, at least if you squint a bit.

Bank of Canada to Watch Impact of Higher Rates, Stronger Currency

After raising its benchmark interest rate twice in recent months, the Bank of Canada will gauge how the economy responds to steeper borrowing costs and a stronger Canadian dollar when crafting future rate decisions, a senior central bank official said Monday.

CFPB Fines Two Groups Over Private Student Loans

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said it has fined a large holder of private student loans and its debt collector, alleging they sought to go after debts based on false or misleading legal documents.

Flush With Cash: EUR500 Bank Notes Sent Down the Drain

Swiss prosecutors are trying to figure out why two women flushed roughly EUR100,000 in cut-up EUR500 bank notes down a toilet at a UBS branch as well as in toilets at three neighboring restaurants.

BOE's Carney Says Brexit Could Lead to Persistently Higher U.K. Inflation

The U.K. faces a prolonged spell of inflationary pressure as it reorients its economy toward new markets and away from the European Union, Bank of England Gov. Mark Carney said.

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September 18, 2017 21:15 ET (01:15 GMT)