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House Passes Deal on Storm Aid, Debt Limit, Government Funding

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The House approved a $15.25 billion hurricane relief package as well as an extension of the government's funding and borrowing limit, to the displeasure of GOP lawmakers who lashed out at administration officials before the vote.

Stocks, Dollar Slide as Irma Bears Down, Korea Threat Lingers

Fallout from severe tropical storms and ongoing tensions between the U.S. and North Korea put major U.S. stock indexes, the dollar and U.S. government bond yields on track for weekly declines.

Florida Residents Rush to Escape Hurricane Irma

Floridians scrambled and struggled Friday to prepare for Hurricane Irma, draining gas pumps dry, clogging highways, overrunning hotel rooms and in some cases hunkering down in their homes as the monstrous storm made its final approach.

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Huge Earthquake Strikes Mexico, at Least 58 Killed

A powerful 8.1-magnitude earthquake struck southern Mexico late Thursday, killing at least 58 people and damaging buildings and roads, just as the country was bracing for Hurricane Katia approaching its Gulf coast.

Corker, Senate GOP Shape Tax-Plan Outline

A crucial Republican senator said he could accept a blueprint for tax policy that would let the GOP cut taxes by about $250 billion over the next decade, and possibly hundreds of billions more, staking out a position that could help shape the party's planned tax overhaul.

Fed's Dudley Says Timing of Next Rate Increase Is Unclear

New York Fed President William Dudley said in a CNBC interview he is unsure when the U.S. central bank will next raise interest rates, but he still expects them to move higher over time.

Struggling Venezuela Asks Russia to Restructure Its Debt

Russia said Venezuela has asked to restructure its debt, underscoring the Latin American country's financial woes and its reliance on the Kremlin.

Turkey's Sovereign-Wealth Fund Needs Revamp, Erdogan Says

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on Friday for an overhaul of the country's fledgling sovereign-wealth fund, saying a day after the fund's head was dismissed that it has failed to meet its targets.

ECB Will Have Trouble Getting Out of Strong Euro Bind

The European Central Bank looks set to decide in October on how its bond-buying program will change in 2018. Looming over the proceedings is the surging euro.

Fed Reports U.S. Consumer Credit Increased by $18.50 Billion in July

Outstanding consumer credit rose by $18.50 billion in July from the prior month, climbing at a 5.9% seasonally adjusted annual rate, the Federal Reserve said.

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September 08, 2017 19:15 ET (23:15 GMT)