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For New Uber CEO, Fresh Challenges Emerge

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Even before he takes the job as Uber's new chief executive, fresh challenges confront Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, with news of a federal bribery probe into Uber and public disagreement over how the board's decision to hire him unfolded.

U.S.'s Largest Refinery Shuts Due to Harvey Flooding

The nation's largest refinery, in Port Arthur, Texas, has initiated a full shutdown due to flooding, as Tropical Storm Harvey pushes east of Houston, dumping more rain on the region.

Amazon Looks to Whole Foods to Boost Online Grocery Shopping

Its acquisition of the grocery chain is providing a new impetus for online grocery shopping, which has been slow to catch on for various reasons.

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Toyota Grabs Bigger Piece of Ride-Hailing Action

The Japanese auto giant plans to dive deeper into the ride-hailing business by teaming up with Singapore-based startup Grab.

Hyundai Motor Hits Political Speed Bump

Hyundai Motor was forced into a week-long suspension of production in China, as a political dispute between Beijing and Seoul wreaks havoc at the Korean auto maker.

It's Official: Warren Buffett Made About $13 Billion on Bank of America Deal

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. officially became the biggest shareholder of Bank of America Corp. on Tuesday, notching billions in gains on the bank's recovery from the financial crisis.

Apple App Store's Chinese Customers Get New Way to Pay

The U.S. tech giant is allowing Chinese customers to use Tencent's popular local mobile-payment system WeChat Pay for purchases in its App Store, underscoring the expanding reach of the Chinese service.

Messaging-App Kik's Big Bet on a Digital Coin Offering

Messaging-app Kik Interactive aims to raise $125 million through a so-called initial coin offering in September, one of the first established companies to step into the mushrooming but speculative market for these digital tokens.

Beijing Shows Its Power With China's Latest Megamerger

The combination of the country's leading coal miner and power producer is the clearest sign yet of Chinese leaders' desire to enhance the role of big state-owned companies.

Abbott Releases New Software Updates for Pacemakers

Abbott Laboratories released new software updates designed to protect hundreds of thousands of implanted pacemakers from external hacking and to guard against dangerous battery depletions in a different cardiac device linked to two patient deaths.

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August 30, 2017 09:15 ET (13:15 GMT)