Robot bartenders: The first land-based high-tech bar opens in the U.S.

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(Tipsy Robot)

The first land-based, partially robot-operated bar opens Friday on the Las Vegas strip.

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The 2,500 square foot bar, called the Tipsy Robot, will have two robotic arms—in place of human bartenders—that will be able to mix consumers any kind of drink they want.

“Let’s put it this way….they were very expensive,” Rino Armeni, owner of Tipsy Robot and president of Liquids Unleashed and Armeni Enterprises, tells FOX Business.

Instead of going to bar to order a drink, customers place their order on one of the dozen tablet stations throughout the bar or through the Tipsy Robot app on their smartphone. A QR code or (barcode) is then sent to the robot to make the drink. Patrons are then alerted on their app—or through email when their order is up.

Armeni says he got the idea when one of his business partners saw the robots on display at the Google I/O (GOOGL) show in San Francisco last year.

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“[He] contacted me and the rest is history,” Armeni adds.

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The concept, however, isn’t new. Back in 2014, Royal Caribbean (RCL) debuted a similar type of robotic bar on their Quantum of the Seas cruise ship. The robots were developed that same year by an Italian company called Makr Shakr.

Armeni says if all goes well, he hopes this is just one of many Tipsy Robot locations to come worldwide.


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