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A Senate GOP plan to pass a health-care bill next week hung in the balance as some Republican lawmakers wavered and balked at the push for a quick vote.

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Insurers announced major changes to their ACA offerings for next year, highlighting uncertainty in the health law's marketplaces.

Saudi King Salman's leadership shake-up is aimed at supercharging efforts to secure the country's future.

Democratic divisions surfaced after an expensive loss in a special election in Georgia for a House seat.

Russian hackers targeted voting systems in 21 states last year, current and former U.S. officials testified.

The stabbing of a police officer at the Flint, Mich., airport was being investigated as a terrorist act.

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Belgian officials said the slain bomber in a thwarted train station attack sympathized with Islamic State.

Queen Elizabeth II, in a speech to the U.K. parliament, unveiled the Conservative government's agenda.

The Wall Street Journal fired a veteran foreign-affairs reporter for violating the paper's ethical standards.

An ex-Milwaukee policeman was acquitted in a fatal shooting that sparked riots.

Islamic State destroyed a historic Mosul mosque, Iraq's military said.

Tropical storm Cindy began lashing the U.S. Gulf Coast with heavy rains.

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June 22, 2017 02:47 ET (06:47 GMT)