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Technology Shares Lead Global Declines

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Shares of technology companies fell around the world, extending Friday's steep declines in the U.S. giants that had been driving this year's stock-market gains.

U.S. Budget Deficit Widens

The U.S. budget deficit widened through the first eight months of the fiscal year, highlighting challenges for the Trump administration as it looks to cut taxes and rebalance spending prioriti

The Snowballing Power of the VIX, Wall Street's Fear Index

Created to track expectations of volatility, it has spawned a giant trading ecosystem that could magnify losses when turbulence hits.

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Oil Ticks Higher After Challenging Week

Crude prices rose on Monday as major producers said their deal to cut output is working.

Bank of Canada to Assess Whether 'Considerable' Stimulus Still Required

Canadian growth is broadening across industries and regions, and policy makers will assess whether ultralow interest rates are still required should the trend continue, the Bank of Canada's second-highest ranking official said Monday.

China Passenger-Car Market Pulls Back Again

China's passenger-car market is suffering a lean spell, mirroring a similar slowdown in the U.S. auto sector, with sales falling for the second month in a row in May as higher taxes hurt.

One More Reason for the Productivity Slowdown? Credit Conditions

The postcrisis credit shortage put a serious crimp on global productivity growth, new research suggests.

U.K.'s Brexit Minister Says EU Talks Could Face Delays

Britain's Brexit minister said negotiations with the European Union may not start next Monday, as originally planned, raising the prospect that the political uncertainty facing the U.K. in the wake of the inconclusive election results could interfere with the timeline for negotiations.

U.K. Drifts Away From Europe's Recovery

The U.K. wants to separate from Europe. Judging by economic and political outcomes, it looks like it is getting its wish.

NY Fed: Consumer Inflation Expectations Ebbed Notably In May

Consumers' outlook for inflation is weakening, complicating the Federal Reserve's case for raising short-term interest rates.

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June 12, 2017 15:15 ET (19:15 GMT)