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Fresh Push to Scrutinize Stockbrokers With Red Flags

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Wall Street's self-regulatory organization will provide its members with new guidance for supervising stockbrokers with a history of customer complaints or other red flags, its chief executive said Monday.

Goldman's Blankfein, Citi's Corbat Duped by Email Prankster

The chief executives of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Citigroup Inc. are the latest bank bosses to be hooked by an email prankster trolling top Wall Street brass, exposing a low-tech gap in banks' cybersecurity armor.

Goldman's Green Push Comes With Trading Twist

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. has agreed to buy 68 megawatts of electricity from a Pennsylvania wind farm in an effort to stake a claim in a hot corner of the energy-trading market-and to try to catch up with rivals.

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Andreas Halvorsen's Viking Global Investors to Return $8 Billion

Viking Global Investors LP told clients Monday it would be giving back $8 billion of their money, saying its smaller size would give the stock-picking hedge fund "greater operating flexibility."

Tech Stocks: Profitable, Innovative and a Danger to Your Portfolio

Normally a slight fall in a volatile stock market sector would be of little note. But Friday's pullback in technology stocks bears closer attention than usual, coming out of the blue and, unusually, not being part of a wider sell-off.

A Crucial Fed Meeting for Financials

There is little doubt the Fed will raise rates, which will help many of the big banks. The more important news will be what it says about shrinking its balance sheet, likely later this year.

The Lost Art of the Subprime Mortgage is Back in Demand

Brokers willing to learn the lost art of making risky mortgages are in demand again. Nonbank lenders that cater to riskier borrowers say they need brokers to fan out across the country and arrange mortgages to people with lower credit scores.

Fed Finds Foe in Financial Markets

The Federal Reserve's interest-rate increases aren't having the desired effect of cooling off Wall Street's hot streak. While Fed officials this week will likely decide to raise rates for a fourth time since December 2015, much of that tightening effort has yet to be felt in financial markets.

As Politics Boil, Financial Markets Are in Dream Land

Elections bring anxiety yet markets are calm, but the reasons behind the anxiety threaten markets. And even though markets seem unworried, that doesn't mean they are good investments.

Investors Contemplate the Corbyn Effect

After expecting a decisive Conservative victory, investors are looking at Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn's business and economic policies, widely considered the most left-wing platform from a major British party since the early 1980s.

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June 12, 2017 16:15 ET (20:15 GMT)