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Germany's Central Bank Raises Growth Outlook

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Germany's central bank upgraded the country's growth outlook on the back of a strong labor market, underscoring the more positive growth prospects for the eurozone as a whole.

U.K. Stocks Diverge After Election

Stocks geared to the U.K. economy fell sharply Friday while the pound slumped after British voters deprived Prime Minister Theresa May and her ruling Conservative party of a majority in Parliament.

China Consumer Prices Rise Faster in May

China's consumer prices accelerated at a modest pace in May, with inflation in the world's second-largest economy expected to remain muted for the rest of the year.

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U.K. Voters Deliver Stunning Setback to Leader May

The U.K. faced fresh political turmoil after early results signaled a serious setback for Prime Minister Theresa May in Thursday's general election, creating new uncertainties as the country prepares to negotiate its departure from the European Union.

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May Loses Her Gamble

Prime Minister Theresa May gambled for a larger majority to bolster her position in coming Brexit negotiations and lost. In the end, her Conservative Party was left with fewer seats and failed to hold on to its majority.

U.K. Elections: Britain Is an Uncertainty-Generating Machine

The surprise U.K. election results show markets once again worrying about political risk in all the wrong places. Even worse, valuable time to reach a Brexit deal has been burned.

British Pound Falls on Hung Parliament

The pound slumped and U.K. stock futures edged lower after Britain's ruling Conservative Party lost its parliamentary majority in the general election.

Jeremy Corbyn Defies Expectations

Two months ago, Jeremy Corbyn was ridiculed as one of the weakest candidates for prime minister. Yet if the exit poll prediction is confirmed by the vote count, Mr. Corbyn's party confounded expectations by gaining significant clout in Parliament.

Peru Central Bank Keeps Rates Steady

The Central Reserve Bank of Peru on Thursday left its reference interest rate unchanged at 4% as inflation converged toward its target range.

SEC Announces Enforcement Division Leadership

The Securities and Exchange Commission announced Thursday that veteran litigator and former prosecutor Steven Peikin will co-direct its enforcement division.

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