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Shipping Firm Rickmers Files for Bankruptcy

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Germany's third largest shipping firm, Rickmers Holding, filed for insolvency Friday, a sign Germany's long-simmering shipping crisis has reached the boiling point.

GM Chief Faces Showdown Over Hedge-Fund Investor's Stock Push

General Motors Chief Executive Mary Barra faces shareholders this week, under pressure from a hedge-fund investor and fresh scrutiny following the ouster of her counterpart at a crosstown rival.

Tech Firms Urged to Do More to Fight Extremists

Hours after the third terrorist attack in the U.K. in three months, British leaders escalated their criticism of Silicon Valley, calling for international regulations to hinder extremists who use cyberspace to spread their message and recruit supporters.

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What Does China's Tencent Want With Silicon Valley?

In its quest to expand its global reach, Tencent Holdings has quietly become China's top corporate investor in Silicon Valley, pouring money into everything from electric cars to moonshot ventures such as space tourism and asteroid mining.

Barclays Buys Revamped Office Complex in North Jersey

A joint venture that revamped a bland New Jersey office campus into a modern complex with an amenity building, a bike-share service and walking trails has sold the property to Barclays PLC.

Owners of Two Connected Midtown South Buildings Refinance Property

The owners of two connected Midtown South Buildings have secured $430

More Chinese Companies Turn to Shadow Banking

Beijing's game of Whac-A-Mole against financial risks is sending some borrowers into darker corners. New loans from so-called trusts in the first four months of this year were nearly five times as much as a year earlier.

Truckers Embrace Big Brother After Costing Insurers Millions

With the industry's underwriting results deteriorating, some commercial auto insurers are increasing premiums by as much as 30%, exiting certain kinds of coverage and pushing customers to adopt sometimes-invasive technology.

Experimental Drug Targets Genetic Defect Shared by Different Cancers

An experimental drug shrank tumors in patients with a variety of cancers sharing the same genetic defect, new studies found, part of a push in oncology research to treat tumors by their molecular traits regardless of where they are in the body.

SpaceX Launches Previously Used Cargo Capsule for First Time

Elon Musk's SpaceX for the first time launched a refurbished cargo capsule that had been used on a previous mission, a major stride toward eventually reusing spacecraft carrying astronauts.

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June 04, 2017 23:15 ET (03:15 GMT)