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IMF Warns High Corporate Debt Could Threaten Financial Stability

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U.S. corporate debt has ballooned on cheap credit to levels exceeding those prevailing just before the 2008 financial crisis, a potential threat to financial stability, the International Monetary Fund warned.

S&P 500 Stabilizes as Investors Parse Earnings Reports

The S&P 500, bond yields and the dollar recovered as investors scrutinized a fresh round of corporate earnings reports.

For U.K. Multinationals, Brexit Bounce May Be Over

Many U.K. multinationals enjoyed a big Brexit bump, as a lower pound made their exports more competitive and their overseas sales more valuable once converted back into sterling. The currency's recent rally may augur an end to further gains.

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IMF Cautions Against Rolling Back Financial Regulation

Policy makers have made impressive progress in strengthening the global financial regulatory system, the International Monetary Fund said Wednesday, saying a regulatory rollback would be a mistake.

ECB Studies Bank Interest-Rate Risks

European banking supervisors are studying risks to banks from a potential increase in interest rates, even though the European Central Bank has said it is unlikely to raise borrowing costs soon.

Eurozone Returns to Trade Surplus

The eurozone's trade balance with the rest of the world returned to surplus in February after a rare deficit the previous month, a boost to hopes that a modest recovery gathered momentum in the first quarter.

Oil Ticks Higher Amid Hopes for OPEC Cut Extension

Crude prices edged higher as investors digested mixed messages from major oil producers on whether they will extend a supply cut that has helped lift crude's value from last year's lows.

WSJ's Daily Shot: Real Wage Growth Stuck at Perilous Level: Zero

ECB's Coeuré Says It is Too Early to Change Monetary Policy

European Central Bank Executive Board Member Benoît Coeuré said it wasn't yet time for the ECB to change its monetary policy nor would it be appropriate for the ECB to change its forward guidance about the sequence for unwinding policy.

Bond Markets Send Jitters, But Is Anyone Listening?

Bonds have rallied sharply in the past six weeks, but other assets appear unfazed. Political jitters and positioning explain some of the moves, but it also leaves the possibility that investors should be more worried about the future.

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April 19, 2017 11:15 ET (15:15 GMT)