Pawesome Pet Products This Holiday Season

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Happy Pawlidays everybody! Human and fur friends alike are lining up to feast, treat and deck themselves out in the finest this year.

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Overall spending in the pet industry reached a record $60.28 billion in 2015, according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), and 2016 could close out upwards of $62 billion. The holiday shopping season will make up a nice chunk of that number; Humans on average will spend $62 on their pets according to PricewaterhouseCoopers' Holiday Outlook report. And Millennials are spending even more at an average of $81, says PwC. got a special sneak peek of PetSmart’s holiday preview collection to see just what customers are spending their cash on.

“We know that pet parents love to bring their pets into all of the rich cherished events of the season. So what we have are products for styling, products for gifting and products for feasting,” says Mardi Larson, Sr., public relations director for PetSmart.

From Simply Nourished turkey dinner-inspired canned food to reindeer cookies and yes, even faux-cheese platters, PetSmart's culinary holiday offerings will have your pets drooling for more.

"This is the largest selection of holiday-themed human-inspired pet food items PetSmart has offered," the company says.

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Larson explains how pets have moved from literally the dog house to often sleeping inside pet parents’ own beds. Thanks to that movement, products ranging from fragrances to styling gel, clothes and even spa days and “pawdicures” are driving consumers to spend more.

“We are seeing the trend of premiumization of pets, and the humanization of pets that is driving growth in the industry,” Larson says.

According to the APPA, roughly $5.73 billion was spent on grooming, training and even toys in 2015.

“We are always innovating and trying to stay one step ahead of what the next trend might be,” adds Larson.

Speaking of toys, “Pets love the plush toys but they rip them apart, and there is this messy fill all over. Flatties have crinkly and other squeakers and things to engage the pet and they are a new innovative toy,” says Larson.

PetSmart relies on some pretty famous social media pets to help get the word out on their new products.

“I love seeing the new products that are out every season, and it’s fun to see how they change the toys and try to keep with the different themes they have going on, so every year it’s really totally different,” says Sam Carrell, owner of Instagram famous @Tinkerbellethedog, who boasts 100,000 followers.

“It makes her followers so happy to see what’s next. Where is she going to go next? So it's just great fun,” says Carrell.

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For Knox, one half of the cat duo Neyland and Knox (@meow_york_kitties), the holidays are important for exposure.

“There are so many photo opportunities, so many outfits and you have your trees and menorah, the lights, and they love it,” says the pair's owner Heather York.

Be sure to check out the slideshow above for some behind-the-scenes pics of the coolest products PetSmart has to offer this season.

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