Own Ferrari's 2016 Car of the Year for a Mere $245K

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A look at Ferrari 2016 car of the year

Ferrari North America CEO Edwin Fenech and Robb Report Editor-in-Chief Brett Anderson on why Ferrari's 488 GTB was named the 2016 car of the year.

The Robb Report names the Ferrari 488 GTB its 2016 car of the year. Robb Report Editor-in-Chief Brett Anderson and Ferrari North America CEO Edwin Fenech discussed the voting process and what made the Ferrari stand out from the crowd Thursday on the FOX Business Network’s Mornings With Maria.

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“The car of the year event is unusual in that we’re comparing cars that you wouldn’t normally compare one-to-one.  So we have sports cars, we have luxury sedans, we have sports utility vehicles as part of the mix. But we ask our readers, who are the judges, to do is to choose the car that best fulfills the idea that the designer set out to attain,“ Anderson told Maria Bartiromo.

With a broad spectrum of competitors, it was a big win for Ferrari.

“This is why we are very proud because we were in front of other competitors that were significant and being the one to win this amazing prize is something that is fueling our passion and dedication to do even better,” said Fenech.

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Anderson then explained what made the 488 GTB speed ahead of the competition and why it retails for $245,000.

“From our perspective it’s the beauty of the car which you can see. Ferrari has a DNA, a unique idea that informs all of their cars throughout their history that I think is realized perfectly in this…an amazingly engineered drive train, beautiful performance. This is a car that you can take out on a racetrack but also drive to work.” said Anderson

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It would be a fast commute since Fenech says the sports car can reach speeds of 205 miles per hour.

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