Howard Lutnick: 9/11 Charity Day Honors Lost Cantor Fitzgerald Employees

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Howard Lutnick: 9/11 charity tribute honors lost Cantor Fitzgerald employees

BGC Partners Chairman and CEO Howard Lutnick reflects on the company's 9/11 annual Charity Day honoring families and employees.

Cantor Fitzgerald and BGC Partners keep up their tradition of honoring the 658 employees who lost their lives in the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, by enlisting celebrities to help raise money for the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund. In an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Countdown to the Closing Bell, Cantor Fitzgerald and BGC Partners’ CEO Howard Lutnick discussed the commitment the firm has made to the employees and their families.

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“Charity Day is a way to really bring them [new employees] into the culture of the firm,” he said. It becomes a unifying force. We fought back to try to make sure we take care of their families. We decided the best way to show someone who died you love them is to take care of their family and show them love.”

Since its inception, the Relief Fund has distributed over $280 million. This year, Lutnick said the company is looking to raise at least $12 million.

“So far, we’re running really, really neck and neck to last year, so hopefully we can get that final push and go to another $12 million this year,” he said.

Lutnick said on Charity Day, the company “loves volatility” in the markets.

“The busier it is- a little chaos, a little excitement- that creates volume,” said Lutnick. “Fridays can be a little quiet, so we’re really excited that it’s been volatile.”

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The Cantor and BGC CEO, who lost his brother Gary in the attacks, described the atmosphere of Wall Street.

“Some people categorize Wall Street as a place, but it’s not,” Lutnick said. “It’s full of unbelievable people who care about each other, they care about their families. To keep their memories alive, to keep everything about them alive so that everybody remembers them, everybody remembers what great human beings they were…”

Proceeds from the Relief Fund have been distributed to over 800 families and 932 children of the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, some of which are now employed at the firm, according to Lutnick. The fund also supports a variety of other charitable organizations, according to the company.

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