FAA Official Teixeira Resigns Following FBN Investigation

FAA official resigns after FBN probe into hiring practices

FBN's Adam Shapiro on the resignation of FAA official Joseph Teixeira.

The Federal Aviation Administration's Joseph Teixeira has resigned according to a letter obtained by FOX Business Network. As Vice President, Safety and Technical Training Air Traffic Organization, Teixeria has come under scrutiny following a FOX Business Investigation into the hiring practices of the FAA, Trouble in the Skies.

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Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to announce that I have applied to retire from Federal Government Service on August 30.

After 37 plus years of federal service and 25 years in the FAA this is certainly not a dispassionate decision, but I take some comfort in Peter Pan’s quote:  “Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting”

How could I forget? I walked through the doors of 10A in early 1990 and in the past 25 years have been given opportunities I could not have imagined on that day.  I have served at home and abroad; worked in ASH, API, AVS and ATO; been the FAA ambassador in Southern and Northern Europe and on many occasions at ICAO; and been given leadership positions that helped improve our aviation safety and security systems.

The last 10 years in air traffic have, by far, been the most rewarding because I have had the opportunity to work with an amazingly talented and hard working group of professionals that operate the largest, most efficient, most diverse and safest airspace system in the world; and yes, I can confidently say that today - because we have the data to prove it.  In these last ten years, together, we transformed the way in which we value our front line employees and manage safety and technical training.

It is an honor and a privilege to have worked with so many of you who made that transformation possible.  Special thanks to the leadership in ATO and NATCA who never waivered in their support to Safety and Technical Training.

I plan to continue making contributions to aviation safety and to put to use the great lessons and skills I learned from all of you.  Thank you.

Best Regards, Joseph

Joseph Teixeira
Vice President, Safety and
Technical Training
Air Traffic Organization

UPDATE: One day following the resignation a spokesperson for Rep. Randy Hultgren issued the following statement to FOX Business. 

"The resignation of the FAA's Vice President of Safety and Technical Training is only the latest in a line of FAA employees who have left the agency under a cloud of alleged cheating surrounding the tainted BQ test. Yet the FAA has remained disturbingly quiet on employee conduct, providing little detail on internal investigations. Only a congressional hearing will force the FAA to answer publicly for their actions-it's time to bring FAA officials before the American people." 

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Spokesperson - U.S. Representative Randy Hultgren (IL-14)


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