Congress Moves to Cut FAA Funding

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Congress looks to cut off FAA

A FOX Business investigation 'Trouble in the Skies' exposed misguided hiring practices on a key FAA test to become an air traffic controller. Rep. Randy Hultgren explains why he wants to now cut funding to the FAA.

A FOX Business Network investigation TROUBLE IN THE SKIES exposed misguided hiring practices and cheating on a key Federal Aviation Administration test to become an air traffic controller and now Congress wants to cut funding to the FAA.

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The US House of Representatives late Tuesday night passed an amendment to the transportation and housing appropriations bill to restrict funding the FAA uses to administer a flawed personality test called the Biographical Questionnaire or BQ.  The FOX Business investigation uncovered FAA documents which discredit the BQ’s validity and made public a recording in which an FAA employee appears to be offering air traffic control candidates answers to the test.  

Congressman Hultgren says the FAA needs to stop using the BQ, “Given the disturbing revelations of cheating, the FAA’s Bio Q test is tainted and should no longer be used in the air traffic control hiring process.”  

Several members of Congress including the chair of the House Aviation Sub Committee have signed on to Hultgren’s legislation that would require the FAA to return to proven and credible hiring practices it discarded two years ago and replaced with the personality test.  Hultgren said the FAA is creating a safety risk for the two million people who fly every day, “What is the FAA hiding” he asked? “Why haven’t they halted the use of this discredited questionnaire in hiring those who are charged with keeping our skies safe?”  

Several members of Congress are demanding a hearing to investigate cheating at the FAA on the exams to become an air traffic controller but none has yet been scheduled.

Last Month, Aviation Sub Committee Chairman LoBiondo and 14 members of congress sent a letter to FAA Chairman Michael Huerta demanding answers following the FOX Business investigation. They are requesting a response no later than June 26, 2015.

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