Congress Gives FAA Deadline to Respond to FOX Business Report

Congress demands answers from FAA after FBN report

FBN's Adam Shapiro reports that Congress is demanding answers from the FAA following his exclusive report on the agency's hiring practices.

Aviation Sub Committee Chairman LoBiondo and 14 members of congress sent a letter to FAA Chairman Michael Huerta demanding answers following the FOX Business investigation “Trouble in the Skies” first telecast on May 20th. 

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In the letter the members state.“In light of recent reports challenging the fairness and effectiveness of the new hiring process, we ask that you provide any and all information or reports that substantiated the FAA’s newest hiring process.”  

They are requesting a response no later than June 26, 2015 adding,“Furthermore the report of possible cheating in the latest hiring process facilitated by the actions of an FAA employee, is as disturbing as it is unacceptable.  We request that the FAA fully investigate these claims of wrongdoing by the FAA employee, including the extent to which others were aware of wrongdoing and provide the corrective actions the FAA plans to take in response.”

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