The Highest and Lowest Property Taxes by County

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Barring floods and asbestos, property taxes are the highest cost of homeownership after a mortgage — and taxes never end.

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In 2013, the median U.S. property tax bill was $2,132, according to a Zillow analysis that used the most recent data available.

That’s a whole lot less than residents paid in Westchester County, NY, where the median tax bill was $13,842. In Tunica County, MS, the median tax bill was $216.

All 10 of the most expensive counties for property taxes, based on the median paid for single-family homes, are in the same vicinity:

County Median taxes
Westchester, NY $13,842
Rockland, NY $10,550
Bergen, NJ $9,546
Essex, NJ $9,288
Nassau, NY $9,091
Passaic, NJ $8,978
Union, NJ $8,926
Morris, NJ $8,549
Hudson, NJ $8,407
Hunterdon, NJ $8,392

Four of the 10 least expensive counties are in Alabama, with the other six scattered among several states:

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County Median taxes
Tunica, MS $216
Bibb, AL $228
Walker, AL $244
Blount, AL $344
Amelia, VA $358
Butler, PA $397
Lincoln, OK $402
Fayette, TN $410
Meriwether, GA $457
Saint Clair, AL $470

The analysis was limited to counties in the largest 50 metro areas where Zillow had sufficient sample sizes.

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