Rotating Chairs at Top Network Spots—Where Women are Noticeably Absent Again

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There has been a lot of unexpected turnover at the big three television stations lately.  

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First it was Comcast’s (CMSCA) NBC Sunday staple Meet the Press host David Gregory’s tumultuous departure in early August of 2014, then Disney’s (DIS) ABC Network golden girl—Diane Sawyer stepped down from her anchor chair at World News Tonight.

Now, CBS News’ (CBS) beloved veteran of Face the Nation, Bob Schieffer relinquishes his top seat after 24 years on the helm. And who could forget about NBC’s Brian Williams suspension over exaggerated tales.

It seems there’s been a lot of musical chairs at the top network positions and we’re back to where we started—all men.

  • 1. CBS' Face the Nation

    CBS' Face the Nation


    Bob Schieffer- 1991-2015
    John Dickerson- 2015- present

  • 2. ABC's This Week

    ABC's This Week


    Sam Donaldson & Cokie Roberts-1996-2002
    George Stephanopoulos- 2002-2010
    Christiane Amanpour -  August 2010 to December 2011
    George Stephanopoulos - 2012-present

  • 3. NBC's Meet the Press

    NBC's Meet the Press


    Tim Russert - 1991-2008
    David Gregory - 2008-2014
    Chuck Todd - 2014-present

  • 4. CBS Evening News

    CBS Evening News

    Walter Cronkite 1963 - 1981 (CBS Evening News first broadcast on Sept. 2, 1963)
    Dan Rather - 1981-1993
    Dan Rather and Connie Chung (co-anchor) - 1993-1995
    Dan Rather - 1995 -2005
    Bob Schieffer - 2005-2006
    Katie Couric - 2006-2011 (In Sept. 2006 Couric became the first female solo anchor of a weekday network evening news broadcast.)
    Scott Pelley-  2011-present

  • 5. ABC World News Tonight

    ABC World News Tonight


    Peter Jennings - 1983 - 2005
    Bob Woodruff and Elizabeth Vargas (January–May 2006)
    Charles Gibson - 2006 -2009
    Diane Sawyer - 2009 - 2014
    David Muir - 2014-present

  • 6. NBC Nightly News

    NBC Nightly News


    Tom Brokaw - 1983 - 2004
    Brian Williams - 2004 - suspended-February, 2015
    Lester Holt - 2015 - present / Interim Host

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