Help for Military Families Experiencing Foreclosure

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Are you one of the growing number of families in, or facing foreclosure? Do you know of another military family in that circumstance? Then please read this.

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First, I should disclose that this is not an advertisement of any sort. For three years we have been aware of the growing crisis facing hundreds, if not thousands, in the military community who own homes in this very tough market. We have proposed and supported a program of home owner benefits that mirror those enjoyed by other federal agencies.

In response to articles written here on, many of you have contacted us to share your circumstances. We have tried to alert many Military non-profit organizations, interested trade unions, and members of Congress to this growing "train wreck" for our military personnel and the Department of Defense (DoD). It has been hard to gain traction on this issue, but finally, people are starting to listen.

VR SAM has been contacted by a major news network asking us to document the problem. We need your help in three ways.

  1. Please tell your story on our National Military Community Forum and ask your friends and family to do the same (link below).
  2. If you would be willing to discuss your circumstances with the media, please email us (address below) with your circumstances and contact information. Don't worry, no information will be released without your written permission and until we have fully discussed the situation with you in person.
  3. Call or write your home state congressman  or senator today. It's time this crisis is addressed and you can help. VR SAM sincerely appreciates giving us the opportunity to communicate this critical issue to you and all they do for our military families.

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