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Deloitte's First Female CEO: ‘Don’t Stand Still’

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Deloitte CEO on the key to success

Deloitte CEO Cathy Engelbert reveals her top priorities in her new position.

Recently named the first female CEO of Deloitte, Cathy Engelbert joins Liz Claman in the FBN Suite Spot to reveal her top priorities in the new position.

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Claman: Listen, it’s a new job for you. What is the number one thing that you feel you’re going to change about how the role of CEO is really effectuated?

Engelbert: I think the number one thing is about being really clear about our strategy, our messaging, around innovation – both in our people and innovation in our business.  And really being clear about the strategy and making sure I have something that resonates with everyone.

Claman: Cathy, you’re the first female CEO of one of the big accounting firms. What do you think is the number one characteristic that helped you succeed in this very, very brilliant career?

Engelbert: For me, it was about finding mentors and sponsors who sat in rooms and gave me the opportunities to build my capabilities more broadly. So, it was about not standing still, saying yes to opportunities that I thought were right for me, saying no to some opportunities that I didn’t think were right, but having good mentors and sponsors along the way.

Claman: Learning and getting help from others. Cathy Engelbert!

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