WikiLeaks slams Google for 2 ½-year delay in revealing US search warrants against staff's data

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The secrets-spilling group WikiLeaks has criticized Google for failing to inform it about U.S. search warrants issued against three of its staff.

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The warrants issued in March 2012 required Google to hand over the phone numbers, IP addresses, credit card details, contents of all emails and other information for Sarah Harrison, Kristinn Hrafnsson and Joseph Faerrell.

They were disclosed to WikiLeaks in December.

In a letter to Google dated Monday, a lawyer for WikiLeaks says the group is "astonished and disturbed that Google waited over two and a half years to notify its subscribers that a search warrant was issued for their records." The letter adds that Twitter took legal action so it could alert WikiLeaks of a similar warrant in 2011.

Google didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.