The Billion-Dollar Business of Haunted Houses

By Gabrielle Karol Lifestyle and Budget FOXBusiness

$1B haunted Halloween business

FBN's Lauren Simonetti travels to a haunted house and examines the big business of Halloween attractions.

Haunted houses may be open for just a few days a year, but the attractions make for a scary-big business.

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FBN’s Lauren Simonetti reports that Halloween is a $7.5 billion holiday.

“$2 billion of that is candy and $1 billion for the haunted attractions,” Simonetti said.

Simonetti reported live on Halloween from the BANE Haunted House in New Jersey, located in a formerly abandoned college.

“Over 1,000 people spent $22 each yesterday to attend this haunted attraction,” Simonetti said.

For more on the big business of Halloween, watch the video above.

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