LEGO’s Creative Strategy for Targeting Girls

By Gabrielle Karol Retail FOXBusiness

Building up Lego

Lego Group CEO Jorgen vig Knudstorp and Head of Lego House Soren Lund on Lego's growth and the new Lego House project.

On average, every person on Earth owns 94 LEGO bricks. But that’s not enough for the Danish toy manufacturer.

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LEGO is seeking to increase its popularity among kids of all ages – and it seems to be succeeding. Over the past four years, the company has grown its bottom line by more than 64%.

“Well, it’s been all about reinventing the brand and we’ve basically gone back to the fundamental idea of making bricks that is a truly creative experience, but then constantly bringing [something] new in by working with children from all over the world,” LEGO Group CEO Jorgen Vig Knudstorp told FBN’s Maria Bartiromo.

The 82-year-old brand is focused on talking to children to find out how to break into new audiences.

“For many years we were told LEGO does not work with girls, but when we finally sat down with them we really found out that … the building system is very much indeed relevant for girls,” said Head of Lego House Soren Lund.

Lund said the company has realized how it needs to market to young girls in order to get them interested in the building blocks.

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“Girls love to create. [But] if you ask them, ‘Do you want to build?’ They say no,” said Lund. “But you ask them, ‘Do you want to create?’ They say absolutely yes.”

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