College Athletes, NCAA Vie for the Big Bucks

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College football stars will lobby members of congress today to allow college athletes to organize.

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Former Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter and former UCLA football player Ramogi Huma will meet later today with Congressmen George Miller and Jan Schakowsky and Senator Dick Durbin in what they're calling a defensive move against the NCAA.

Last week, the National Labor Relations Board ruled student athletes at Northwestern University are employees and can organize a union. Colter and Huma are founders of the National College Players Association and they worry the NCAA will lobby congress to prohibit college athletes to organize.

The college players union commissioned a study with Drexel University’s sports management department, which found college football players lose out on $715,000 over their four year careers and college basketball players lose $1.5 million.

Northwestern has one week left to appeal the NLRB ruling, but Colter and Huma aren't waiting.

Congressman Miller is the lead Democrat on the House Education and Labor committee; Schakowsky, whose district includes Northwestern, is already on their side. She issued a statement saying the football players have a right organize at Northwestern and she hopes that will happen across the country.

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The NLRB ruling only applies to private universities, not public.

The NCAA is not a party to the Northwestern players’ dispute but did issue a statement saying it disagrees with the notion that full scholarship student athletes are employees.

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