Should you buy wedding insurance?

By Amanda Walker Features Consumer Reports

Q. Before I get married, should I buy wedding insurance?—N.C., New York City

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A. If you’re spending the average amount on your big day—about $28,000 in the U.S., according to a survey by The—having that inexpensive coverage might help ease some wedding-day jitters.
Lots (and lots) of stress goes into planning a wedding, so the last thing you need to think about is a disaster striking that day. But what if your photographer doesn't show up, and you have to hire another one at the last minute for twice the price? Or your reception site goes out of business, you lose your deposit, and you have to find another venue? Say you get to your destination wedding city only to find the luggage with the bride's gown is missing, and another one has to be found and bought, pronto. These are the kinds of curveballs wedding coverage might cover, at least in part.

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And the coverage is generally inexpensive. A basic policy that includes losses associated with photos, videos, attire, presents, rings, and deposits usually costs $155 to $550 depending on the amount of coverage you choose.
But there are limits and deductibles to consider, plus coverage for some items might be extra, so read a policy carefully before you buy. And check to see if your vendors, like your reception site or your caterer, already have their own insurance. There's no reason to pay for overlapping coverage.

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