Bestselling Toys on Main Street in 2013

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Going up against giants like Toys R’ Us and Amazon doesn’t faze these independent toy store owners.

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In the midst of last-minute shopping madness, toy sellers on Main St. told they’re feeling pretty good about this year’s sales. Here are their bestsellers for the 2013 holiday season:

  • 1. Cairn’s Toys, Tipp City, OH

    Cairn’s Toys, Tipp City, OH

    Laser Pegs

    1. Laser Pegs
    2. Corolle dolls
    3. Playmobil building toys
    4. Tenzi dice game
    5. Spot it! Board game

    “I love kids and I love seeing them grow – toys help with all of that,” says owner Melissa Cairns.


  • 2. Playthings, Madison, WI

    Playthings, Madison, WI

    Playmobil airplane

    1. Laser Maze
    2. Playmobil airplane
    3. Marble Run
    4. Snake Oil board game
    5. Spirograph drawing toy

    “We try to find really unique toys. We carry a lot of European brands – the things you can’t find in those stores,” says manager Kelly Nigl.

  • 3. Picayune Toys, Dunwoody, GA

    Picayune Toys, Dunwoody, GA

    WOW Toys

    1. Soft bow toys (inspired by “The Hunger Games”)
    2. Elenco electronic circuit kits
    3. Rubber bands for bracelet-making, a la Rainbow Loom
    4. Corolle dolls
    5. WOW battery-free developmental toys for toddlers

    “People come in and are happy, and the ones that leave screaming and hollering, we’re flattered, because they don’t want to leave,” says owner Becky Goblish.

  • 4. The Toy Room, Bethel, CT

    The Toy Room, Bethel, CT

    Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty

    1. 500-piece puzzles
    2. Buddha Board drawing toys
    3. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty
    4. Board games, including Risk and Sorry!
    5. Melissa and Doug dress-up toys

    “Sales have increased year over year,” says owner Kimberly Ransey. “It’s definitely the personal service. We’re a small mom-and-pop store in a great downtown, and people are really making an effort to shop local. It’s very positive.”

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