The Right Way to Put Interns to Work

By Gabrielle Karol Features FOXBusiness

Indian employees at a call centre provide service support to international customers, in the southern city of Bangalore March 17, 2004. The hiring frenzy at call centres in India is the flip side of daily tales pouring out of the US and Britain, ... where thousands of software and back-office jobs are being cut as companies take advantage of cheap communications offshore to drive down costs. India is the undisputed leader of emerging markets to which developed economies are outsourcing high-technology jobs, IT consultancy firm Gartner said in a report released on Wednesday. The $3.6 billion industry in India is seen rocketing to 13.8 billion by 2007 with the number of jobs quadrupling to 1 million. Picture taken March 17, 2004. REUTERS/Sherwin Crasto SC/ (Reuters)

Start the week off strong by reading these small business and startup stories from around the web. You’ll learn some tips on the best way to handle equity, how to motivate unpaid interns and more. And also get an update on SXWS from Austin, Texas.

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How to motivate interns (without paying them): If you’re looking for unpaid interns to tackle projects over the summer, you may find that they quickly lose motivation. Learn how to get the most from your youngest staffers, even if you can’t offer them compensation.

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