Who Writes Your Paychecks?

By Gene Marks Features FOXBusiness

Tweets of the week: The UK was downgraded, the sequester looms and major hacking occurs. It’s just another week in small business.

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£/$ drops nearly a cent to 1.5163 after #UKDowngrade, lowest level in nearly four years.


Gaining followers on Twitter is a great way to increase the number of people who need to express their disappointment in you.


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#Obama: #sequester will "eviscerate" programs. If $85B cuts out of $3+ trillion will eviscerate, maybe some eviscerating is in order. #tcot

whenever I’m feeling depressed I just remind myself that at least I’m not one of those people with a number in their email address.


Predicting Apple's current success from 1990s is like someone telling you how big RIM will be in 2030.

An unsolicited pop-up on a Website is like walking up to a stranger, saying hello, slapping them in the face and then asking them for cash

My 8 year old just said, “Netflix has a website?” 

My generalized view: Blogging is for showing expertise (CONTENT), SM is for interaction (CONVERSATION) and Email is for CONVERSION 

And then I go into Windows 7, and it's like putting on a comfy pair of well worn but fitting shoes compared to Windows 8

Facebook creating another 100 jobs in Dublin. A welcome boost for the Irish farmville sector.

Amazed that a site redesign (Yahoo) is newsworthy enough to be on the Today Show.

150 Social Media Consultants type the headline "What The Burger King Hack Means For Brands" at the same time all across New York City

First Burger King now @Jeep has been hacked. Glad people have so much pointless time on their hands

Somebody hacked @BurgerKing making this the first time on the internet anyone has ever mentioned Burger King.

OMG @Jeep was hacked, they are today's @BurgerKing.

yesssss @jeep has been hacked now we have a fun twitter disaster to talk about today!

BREAKING: Obama warns "people will lose their jobs" if sequestercuts take effect next week.

Obama recommends that we drive less to save money since the gasprice is higher. What day of the week do we not go to work to do this

The price of gas doesn't bother Twitter people. They hardly move.

First it was the Fiscal Cliff, now it's the Sequester. If we keep going this way, we'll soon run out of catchy names for financial crisis!


So the guys who said ‪#WeBuiltThat w/ no government help are now saying they don't want all their gov't contracts cut?


The biggest mistake a marketer can make is... Measuring success in terms of leads & NOT revenue


Natl Retail Federation says poll finds nearly half of Americans say they will spend less because of payroll tax hike.


Office Depot to buy OfficeMax for $976 million, which is about a case of printer ink.


I Know What You Did Last Sequester. ‪#GOPFilms

Transformational innovation starts by changing your lens. Current business model lens leads to only incremental change.

Definition of opportunity = your chance to add value before receiving benefit.

Congress takes week off as sequestration looms. Pretty sure if their own $164k/yr salaries were in jeopardy, they'd have some real solutions

#CNN projects Hillary Rodham Clinton will receive between $200,000 and $750,000 per speaking event. If that's not winning, idk what is.

"my goal is to make sure I can please everyone on my team," said no successful manager.

If u only give discount, u dont need Marketing or Sales Manager. Just put a monkey in a suit to do it.

A good hiring strategy is the heart of good customer service.

I won't truly be happy until I am writing my own paychecks.

#socialmedia How else could you reach out to many customers and prospects around the globe with zero advertising costs?

Gene Marks owns the Marks Group PC, a ten person sales and marketing technology consulting firm outside of Philadelphia that serves more than 600 small and medium companies around the country.

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