You’re Only 'Mini' Cool

By Gene Marks Features FOXBusiness

The final Presidential debate, the iPad Mini and Microsoft’s Surface were on top of the small business Twittersphere this week.  Did anyone have anything useful to say? 

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When an employee runs a blog, it's harder for them to leave the company as their name is attached to that community

TIP--> Repeat customers spend an average of 67% more than new customers, and are 6-12 times cheaper to sell to.

I wish they would address the Armenian threat: the Kardashians.

Gonna get an iPad mini & make email signature "Sent from my iPad mini. Maybe if you're cool, I'll email you from the big one next time."

personally I think the best place for promotion is email - Social media is too temporary and relies on the other being online #blogchat

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I think undecided voters will simply stay home on Nov. 6. No one unmotivated enough to figure it out could possibly get out to the polls.

Getting 10 minutes to speak on "Social Media in Business" is like being asked to balance the national budget on your lunch hour

In general, I've learned that only 5% of startups succeed. 1/20. However most entrepreneurs try multiple times till they succeed.

I feel like these debates are always a Mean Girls three-way phone call where one of the candidates doesn't know Israel is on the other line.

Microsoft's grand mistake with Surface appears to be assuming people still think "productivity" means "using Office."

#Trainers How often do you you pick up the phone to contact your existing clients?

You'll find it much easier to raise capital from investors if you have a beta product rather than just a business plan and a dream.

If a potential clients decides she does not want to work with you, don’t let this be the end of the relationship

I never understood why anyone would put work or put energy into anything just to be second best.

Tech Industry Adds Nearly 100,000 Jobs in 1st Half of 2012. We need 10 million/yr. So hottest sector only supplying 2% that's not too good

People who say they love everything about their job aren't working hard enough.

The 4 new C's of marketing: Client Relationship Contact data, Cross Channel and Cultural Change

Tesco workforce can reach two thirds of Britain via their social networks, turning employees into brand advocates and ambassadors
Why are so many trying to "drive the conversation" when it is action that makes the all difference?