Galaxy S III Sales Top 10M – But Way More People Want the iPhone 5

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Samsung’s Galaxy S III is a hot ticket. In the increasingly crowded smartphone market, Samsung has reportedly managed to sell more than 10 million Galaxy S III smartphones in under two months, according to a recent report from Yonhap News Agency that cited Samsung executive Shin Jong-kyun. A new survey suggests that Samsung’s impressive feat may soon be overshadowed, however, as demand for Apple’s next-generation iPhone reaches impressive heights.

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A survey conducted by ChangeWave in June with 4,042 “primarily North American consumers” suggests that demand ahead of Apple’s “iPhone 5” launch is even higher than it was ahead of Apple’s iPhone 4S launch. The iPhone 4S, of course, went on to sell a record 4 million units during its first three days of availability.

According to ChangeWave, 17% of respondents report being “somewhat likely” to purchase Apple’s next iPhone following its release later this year, and 14% said they are “very likely” to buy the smartphone. This compares to 11.5% having been “somewhat likely” and 10% having been “very likely” to purchase the iPhone 4S when ChangeWave conducted a similar survey ahead of its launch.

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In the same survey, 7% of respondents said they were “somewhat likely” to purchase Samsung’s Galaxy S III in the coming months, and just 2% said they were “very likely” to buy the popular handset.

“The biggest finding of the survey is the unprecedented level of advance demand for the next generation Apple iPhone (i.e., the “iPhone 5”) – which based on these survey numbers easily dwarfs the advance demand of any previous iPhone launch,” ChangeWave said in a press release.

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