Small Businesses Tell Their Stories on Government Regulation, Taxes

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“They were playing hide the ball, and not trying to help. It strikes me as a systemic feeling in the government of the District that business is not good, or that the owners are trying to get away with something.” - Denise D’Amour, Washington, D.C. bike shop owner

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It's often said that the real backbone of the U.S. economy is small business, so is the government strengthening or weakening it?

Here are some stories from U.S. small businesses about how they're dealing with the pressures of government regulation and taxes. Remember to check back for the latest.


Small Business Out of Luck in Illinois

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“There are three things small business can do (in response to Illinois raising taxes)—raise prices, cut payroll or cut benefits... There are only so many dollars they have to work with; it’s not that everyone is fat and happy. To put another tax burden on them is squeezing a balloon on one end and popping the other.” 

- Kim Maisch, Illinois state director for the National Federation of Independent Business


Business Owners to Obama: Talk Marathon, Not Sprint

“Small business folks are incredibly resilient... As long as we have some long-term idea of what the rules are going to be, we can plan and adapt and make our businesses successful.”

- Todd Fleming, president and CEO of Infrasafe in Orlando, Fla.

“The president is either ignoring or not comprehending that small businesses and the private sector are the ones who can drive the economy forward—not the latest government program fad.” 

- Ray Keating, chief economist at the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council


Business Owner Talks Straight with Lawmakers

“It’s the stress of these costs (from the Health-Care Reform Act)... They will have a lot of negative consequences to the small business community, and (lawmakers) they need to know that.”

- Joe Olivo, owner of Perfect Printing in Morrestown, N.J.


Online Sales Tax: Who Wins, Who Loses?

"States are looking for lots of ways to get this revenue back... If small businesses have to tax these (online) items, and cannot cut price elsewhere, they will lose sales... The small business will be forced to find cuts to keep their price the same. I'm not sure that small businesses have the room to cut."

- President and CEO of Basic Business Concepts Marilyn Landis


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