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"Girls" Just Wanna Have Fun?

Today we showed you the ad from starring "Girls" star Lena Dunham. It was clear that many of you feel just as outraged as we do. However, apparently not everyone believes that comparing the loss of your virginity with a vote for Barack Obama is completely inappropriate.

Here is a direct quote from Newsweek's

"Conservatives are predictably hot and bothered over the maybe-a-little-edgy ad, calling it "disgusting" and "a new low" for Obama."

Maybe-a-little-edgy? How's that for a media bias? How much more degrading to women can the Obama campaign get? First, they think all that girls care about in this election is getting free birth control and upholding Roe V. Wade, and now they believe sexualizing the voting experience will get Obama re-elected. So when you boil it down, according to the campaign, the only thing that women care about is sex.

And to say that conservatives are "predictably hot and bothered" is a little bit disturbing to me. What kind of America do we live in that it is frowned upon to be bothered by a sexually suggestive campaign ad geared towards girls and young women?

This is why I do not understand those who claim President Obama is the only choice for women. The latest AP polls show a dead heat among women voters, so maybe this truly is an act of desperation. It seems to me that Obama believes women are easily tricked by cheap campaign propaganda. To put it in the words of Nicole Petallides, it is just plain "gross."

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