Yesterday Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said "The current abysmal situation of the world and the bitter incidents of history are due mainly to the wrong management of the world and the self-proclaimed centers of power who have entrusted themselves to the devil."

Yesterday I said these words "Our Father Our King, thwart the designs of our enemies."

Yesterday was Yom Kippur. The Holiest Day of the Year for Jewish people. It's the Day of Atonement, when we repent for our sins and ask to be sealed in the Book of Life for health and happiness in the new year.

The timing of those two events is more than a little unfortunate. While we are atoning for our sins and vowing to be better this year, Ahmadinejad is at the United Nations calling us "uncivilized Zionists."

If the UN were in charge of Varney & Co., tomorrow we would get a debate on whether the sky was blue. And the pro-blue guest would get equal time with the guest who says it's yellow. At the UN it doesn't matter if you're crazy or hateful, as long as you exist you get your few minutes to speak.

And you can do it on your enemy's Holiest Day.

But I actually think it is better that this happened on Yom Kippur. At least we didn't have to watch it. We were too busy praying for peace.