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Do You Really Need to Buy a Snow Blower?

It’s the same every time a big winter storm approaches: the grocery shelves are stripped of food, the liquor store empties out of everything but crème de menthe, and the local hardware store sells out of snow shovels, salt and snow blowers.

Steps to Take Before a Home Renovation

Renovations can help personalize your home and also increase its value. Before you begin though, planning the project and assembling the right team of architects, contractors and interior designers makes a significant difference.

5 Home Updates for $10,000 or Less

Whether you’re moving in, moving out or just looking to move up without leaving your current home, a mini-makeover can be every bit as satisfying as a complete renovation. At the right price point, it can also provide a great return on investment.

6 Popular Spring Home-Renovation Projects

You’ve been waiting for it all winter: Now that the snow has finally melted, you’re ready to shake off that cabin fever so your inner Bob Vila can tackle some home renovations. But don’t run to Home Depot just yet.